Label Series | RAIE Eyewear

Label Series | RAIE Eyewear

This Fashion Revolution and in tribute to the passing Earth Day we have chosen to detour from the usual programming of ‘Who made my clothes?’ and delve into highlighting the positive aspects of labels who have each made decisions to start their journey with considered elements that are forever improving and evolving as they grow.

Recently we have found ourselves becoming deflated by the weight of all the negative aspects of the fashion industry. Michelle and I took a moment with each other and agreed that celebrating people who make positive steps towards a better industry really made us feel more excited and empowered to make more changes ourselves, and in turn encourage and educate others to make positive change too.

Please enjoy this conversation series with our labels as we chat about who they are, how their journey began and all the good things they are doing.


Today we chat with Gemma Lyndon of RAIE Eyewear


How did your label RAIE come about? 

I started the label in 2019 when I noticed there was a gap in the market for functional, high quality unisex eyewear!  After one round of samples and some photos I had a business! 2 years later and it has been a long, yet fulfilling road of ups and downs seeing my dream come into fruition. 


Your eyewear is made from 100% Bio Acetate, can you tell us a little about what kind of material that is and how it compares to similar alternatives?

Bio Acetate is a cellulose acetate made from wooden and plant fibres rather than plastic! We are also trialling some new recycled acetate at the moment made from old frames. Stay Tuned!




What was the process like for finding the factory you partner with? 

HARD. Not going to lie, this has been the biggest challenge as a small business owner!  Delivering customers high quality sunglasses is at the core of the business and we aim to work fluently with our makers to ensure this value if portrayed throughout all stages of the supply chain. 


Did you have a core set of values you were looking out for when beginning your factory research? 

Quality, Ethical production and equal respect!




Has production been challenging throughout the pandemic?

I have definitely noticed more delays! Chatting to some other business owners I think everyone is in the same boat.


What are you most proud of achieving on your journey so far?

Sooo many small wins including landing in some major retailers! Not to mention that it's always a proud moment going for a walk and seeing people wearing RAIE!




Do you have any goals for the next few years that you are hoping to achieve on a sustainability level?

We are trialling new types of recycled and bio acetate as we speak! We are also looking at ways to offer the customer a new unboxing experience with really minimal, sustainable packaging !


Thanks so much for chatting with us!


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